Private Real Estate: ODCE Index in a Diversified Portfolio

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Building a Better 60/40 Portfolio With Core Private Real Estate

Rising interest rates. Volatile markets. Runaway inflation. Does today’s investment environment spell the end for the iconic 60/40 stock and bond portfolio? Unlock this complimentary eBook and explore how an allocation to core private real estate could be a way to build a better 60/40 portfolio.



Made for Income: An Advisor's Guide to a Durable Income Alternative

Interested in exploring alternative sources of income for your clients? Learn more about effective private real estate strategies - download our advisor’s guide today.

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Why Private Real Estate? The Unconventional Truth. Private Real Estate Explained and Justified.

A comprehensible explanation of an essential asset class. Discover why RIAs are increasingly turning to private real estate a vital third leg of a traditional stock and bond portfolio.


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The Real Risk of Inflation - Key Considerations and Solutions for a New Era

Unlock your complimentary copy of this paper to understand inflation's threat to client portfolios. And see why a portfolio allocation to private real estate might be your best defense.

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Research Paper

Building a More Balanced Portfolio - Risk -Optimized Investment Solutions Using Private Commercial Real Estate

Unlock your complimentary copy of this paper to uncover how building a more balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds, and private CRE can help to achieve a more efficient frontier and can lead to more successful financial outcomes for investors.

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